Welcome to the homepage of Pro Seili-Själö ry association. On these pages we try to provide information about an unique island and about life on it from pst years to our days. You will also find a map, advice on how to get around on the island and a virtual travelroute to timetravelling. In order to serve visitors more efficiently, we have opened a Summer Kiosk by the church dock.

The aim of Pro Seili-Själö association is to function as a link between residents and as a forum for leisure-time activities and to also gather, cherish, save and store the social and historic cultural heritage of the island. As our material grows and the storing work proceeds we can offer new sights into the near past of this fascinating island.

As a part of the cultural landscape of a archipelago and for the diversity of the nature in a coastal area, the island of Seili is by several governmental decisions protected area. The governmental authorities and private citizens are responsible to preserve this cultural heritage to generation to come. Private citizens can participate with their shopping decisions and consumption habits. Certainly You are a responsible traveller and a consumer in the archipelago.